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Lab GruppStereo

Sound System

Spazio Novecento’s flagship sound system with Loud Professional amplifiers and Lab Gruppen Audio Power, Spazio Novecento…
14 Loud Professional Speakers VH Layer112H

8 Loud Professional Speakers VH Sub218R

2 xta Processors DP448

1 xta Processors DC1048

8 Power Amplifier Lab Gruppen FP+10000Q

8 Modules Mid Loud Professional VH EMD P.A. Front

4 Line-Array systems Loud Professional VH Layer112H Delays

2 Loud Professional Subwoofers VH Sub218R Delays

2 Monitor Dj Loud Professional SM12H

1 xta Processor DP224

2 Power Amplifiers Powersoft Digam7000

Light SystemLight SystemLight System

Light Equipment

# Etc Zoom 15°/30° Shapers 750W
# Etc Zoom 25°/50° Shapers 750W
# Etc Source Four 19°/26° Shapers 750W
# PC Spotlight 1000W
# Solaris Fresnel 1000W
# Par CP87 500W
# Par 56  300W
# Superlucciole F24°
# Martin Mac600 Wash
# Martin Mac550 Spot
# SGM Giotto 400
# High End Studio Colour
# Martin Mania Scanners
# Martin Smoke Machines ZR33
# Prolights Par Led Lumipar
# PSL Bar Led
# Consolle Spark 4D
# Beam Bumblebee 230W

Video Equipment

# Sanyo Videoprojector XF 47 15000 ansilumen DLP
# Motorized Screen 8M X 4,5M
# Video Matrix QUATTRO FX Analog Way
# Converters CAT5 VGA Extron TP R 15HDA
# Converters CAT5 VGA Extron TP T 15HDA
# Digitus video splitter VS-814
# Splitter VGA Kramer XGA
# Splitter BNC

Led Wall

50 Mq Infiled M 20 Series

Invision Pro 516 Video Processor



Spazio Novecento offers to its guests a robust ADSL 30Mbit broadband connectivity.

The entire venue is covered with WiFi signal to a maximum of 10 devices connected at the same.